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Standout Storage

Smart storage can help make the most of your kitchen area. Whether you’re looking for a statement dresser, hidden internal drawers or a space saving pull out larder, Burbidge has an extensive collection of stylish solutions.

Clever storage ensures your space works as hard as it can, in the most convenient way, so its important to think about what you are looking to store. Will a plate rack help house your dishes or should you use a door hung spice rack in your cupboards? Storage doesn’t necessarily need to hide your items; for frequently used, or in fact decorative, items, you could consider using open shelving or glass front cabinets so they are easily seen and accessible. A freestanding pantry style cupboard could offer a stylish place to store food and everyday kitchenware. Some freestanding pieces can be moved within your space, as a simple yet effective way to update your kitchen layout, without a full redesign.”

Storage is vital to kitchen design, so consider carefully what space your kitchen cabinets will provide and what you will need in addition to this.

Jo Emery, Marketing Manager